“Rounding out this awesome cast is the fantastic Heather Olt who plays Mayor Jenkins, a politician who may or may not have a ‘heart’”

- The Los Angeles Beat

Mutt House- The Musical  


“Saving the best scene-stealer of the cast for last--the formidable Heather Olt as the Hollywood censor madam Cordelia Goodwife. Olt's pitch-perfect double takes and self-congratulatory posturing really get a showcase in the second act opener "The Brightest Star."...Olt's line deliveries and physical traits should guarantee she nails any casting calls for "an Eileen Brannan type.” 

The Max Factor Factor 


“...the strongest and most amusing character turns out to be Olt’s drolly venomous turn as the bigoted morality queen:  She’s a pleasure to watch and she has one fantasy musical production number in which she “re-designs” Hollywood to fit her blinkered dreams that is genuinely funny.”

Theatre Los Angeles  

The Max Factor Factor 

“I must especially commend Heather Olt, who plays not one totally campy role, but two. And in her main one, as the town Mayor, I’m impressed that she doesn’t overplay it, as I’m sure many other actresses would. She’s still very funny without being annoying.”

-It’s Not About Me Blog

Mutt House- The Musical  


“Olt, who seems capable of singing anything extremely well, also excels in the mood swing department — purring a sultry rendition of  ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ that was absolutely stunning, squeezing every possible ounce of emotion out of the lyric, and then stumbling hilariously over the Hawaiian words in ‘Mele Kalikimaka’ or singing at close to warp speed to squeeze in all the words on a very fast medley of ‘Happy Holidays,’ ‘Winter Wonderland’ and ‘Sleigh Ride.’”

Cabaret Scenes

Todd & Heather’s Christmas Cheer! 

“It is difficult to tell which is more enchanting, Heather Olt’s warm, expressive alto or her deep, intelligent comic sensibility. While many performers simply tell of their lives through song, Olt raises the bar by creating a TV-obsessed alter-ego and revealing a life through sitcoms, soaps and the music that accompanies them.


Olt’s show was brilliantly conceived and executed, showing she is a serious double-threat as both singer and comedienne.”

Cabaret Scenes
Believe It Or Not, It’s Just Me

“Dayton native Heather Olt played saucy Meg Brockie.  Olt handled the tough story songs with great skill.  I’ve seen this musical twice before and must admit I’ve never gotten all the jokes in the songs like I did when Olt sang them.”                                                              

Kettering-Oakwood Times

Brigadoon National Tour

“Heather Olt soon had me doubling over with laughter with her rendition of ‘Dutch Ecology.’ The song itself is extremely sexually suggestive, tap-dancing along the line dividing naughty and dirty without ever crossing over.  Yet Olt performed with such a straight-faced naivete that she nearly convinced me that the song’s true meaning really did go over her head.  I found myself applauding halfway through the first verse.


The World of John Wallowitch     

“Playwright Laurel Haines illustrates this phenomenon [Princess Diana] in her series of monologues by ten women- all portrayed by Heather Olt and Ginger Leigh- who were somehow touched by the People’s Princess.  Haines...comes through with some moments of...vulnerability:  a housewife sharing her plans to find Diana, still living, and offer her a low-profile home in her Duluth guest room.  Olt moves through these and other characters with energy and fluid grace.”

The Chicago Reader

The Dianalogues